Graduate students are gearing up for the 10th annual Graduate Research Days scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19 and 20th. The event promotes current graduate student research and gives students an opportunity to explain the importance of their work to the BIOP community, industry and the general public.

With 35 students participating, presentations will be held over two days. All presentations are located on the BIOP campus and are open to the public. Posters will be displayed Tuesday, April 19th from 9 – 12 pm in Cumming Hall while oral presentations take place on April 20th in the Riverview Room from 8:30 – 4 pm.

The idea for a day to showcase graduate research began in 2000 as part of the BIOP Graduate Communications Skills and Seminar class. Successful scientific presentations are one aspect taught in this course. The event is sponsored by the BIOP Association of Graduate Students and the BIOP Research & Graduate Studies Office. 

BIOP offers a two-year Master of Science Program in Agriculture, in Bio-resources and Environmental Sciences, Plant Sciences and Animal Science.

BIOP is a specialized university that cultivates learning and research, focusing on improving and sustaining our environment for the health and well-being of society.