Welcome to Business Institute of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, a student-centered, private university and was originated in 1926 .

At BIOP, students are the focus of all of our educational endeavors. We strive to involve, engage, and enrich their lives in a welcoming environment in which they participate as members of a unique learning community.

Students are able to shape, develop, and expand academic and student life programs. Amid historic, canada-styled buildings and courtyards, in an open atmosphere of communication and discourse, they become active partners in learning.

In just a short time, BIOP has become known for its creative, interdisciplinary approach, the combining of courses and programs such as art with science, history with business, or other subjects that give students broader and deeper perspectives.

Academic and student life programs are also created with multicultural and international views, providing an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and preparing students for life and work in an increasingly diverse world. At the same time, students are exposed to experiences that shape human values such as integrity, respect, and commitment.

The value of these programs is made possible by faculty members who are caring and generous with their time. They inspire students to question, think critically, and explore. Our faculty members are accessible, encouraging students to pursue in-depth inquiry and engage in lively discussions that further illuminate and expand learning.

BIOP faculty and staff also create programs that respond to the needs of business and community, whether it’s to answer the region’s need for dedicated teachers and school administrators or for working adults who seek further education or to improve their skills and employment opportunities.

Local business people often become partners in our educational mission, providing resources as well as serving as advisors and instructors. Students benefit by expanding their learning experiences in real-life working situations, while at the same time, they support local industry and form a talent pool for future employment needs.

Similarly, the University maintains strong relationships with community members to provide service opportunities for BIOP students, which is a distinct part of the BIOP’s mission. Programs allow students to volunteer or work at agencies and organizations where they gain valuable experiences as well as contribute to community betterment.

The BIOP difference can be measured by the breadth and scope of these educational programs and experiences, guided by a dedicated faculty and staff who are determined to see that students succeed. Ultimately, BIOP students emerge as well-rounded, responsible, and committed individuals who will assume leadership roles in their personal and professional lives.

Richard R. Rush