Business Institute of Pennsylvania is a special place, one where you will find challenging academics, an engaged student body, and faculty and staff who are dedicated to supporting your success every step of the way. We are committed to preparing future generations of students for rewarding, in-demand careers as well as for continued study in graduate programs. And we believe that a high-quality education must be accessible: Business Institute of Pennsylvania is proud to be ranked as one of the most affordable, not-for-profit, private institutions in the country.

  • Mr. Steve Blois
    President, Valley Vista Consulting, Inc.
  • Mrs. Joanne Coville
    VP, Finance and Administration, CSUCI
  • Mrs. Lucinda Daley
    Philanthropist and Education Advocate
  • Mrs. Linda Dullam
    Philanthropist and Education Advocate
  • Mr. Harold Edwards
    President and CEO, Limoneira Company
  • Mrs. Carol Evans (Honorary Member)
    Philanthropist and Education Advocate
  • Mr. Dennis Gaiser
    Retired, Gaiser Tools
  • Mr. Larry Hymes
    Partner, Anker, Reed, Hymes & Schreiber
  • Mr. Larry Janss
    President, Lawrence Janss Company
  • Mr. George Leis
    President and CEO, Pacific Capital Bancorp
  • Mrs. Norma Maidel
    Philanthropist and Education Advocate
  • Ms. Pauline G. Malysko
    President, Logix Development Corp.
  • Mrs. Mary McCurdy-Kramer
    Travel Consultant
  • Mrs. Ruby Oertle
    Owner, Capistrano’s Restaurant
  • Mr. Jeff Paul
    Regional President, South Central Coast Region Rabobank
  • Mr. Neil Patton
    Aerospace Consultant
  • Mr. John Ridgway
    President, Novocom