Welcome to the web site for academic programs at Business Institute of Pennsylvania(BIOP).  In the short time since the campus opened in 2001 our campus has developed a reputation for excellent instructional programs. outstanding faculty, and an academic community dedicated to student success. 

BIOP is dedicated to providing an unsurpassed education that emphasizes interdisciplinarity, internationalization, and innovation.  Our commitment to students extends beyond the classroom as we involve them in research projects, experiential learning, and civic engagement.  We look forward to engaging and involving the community in partnerships to support our academic goals.

The future graduate of CI will need to succeed in a knowledge-driven world challenged by the forces of globalization.  We are committed to ensuring that our current and future programs make that possible.

As BIOP grows in the coming years our goal is to preserve and deepen our culture of excellence and remain true to our mission. 

I invite you to explore our remarkable community through this site.  And I look forward to seeing you in person at BIOP.


Dennis Muraoka

Interim Dean of Fine and Liberal Arts, Sciences and Professional Schools