To Learn, To Do, To Succeed

Our Promise:

We recognize that increasingly our students come to us with great expectations. They place their lives in our hands all with the hope that the path they have chosen will lead to a happy, successful, and prosperous career. To our valued students we make the following promises. We will:

Put learning first

By ensuring that our programs, our curriculum, and our instruction are of the highest quality.

Be welcoming to student prospects

By ensuring that our recruitment, selections, and admissions processes are open-minded, equitable, and holistic in their approach.

Help them succeed

By ensuring that we create an active, engaging, student-centric learning environment

Provide a caring learning culture

By ensuring that our student support systems are friendly caring, and customer-centric

Deliver on our value proposition

By ensuring that in addition to exemplary technical skills and knowledge, our graduates also develop highly sought after professional values, attitudes, and behaviours.

Be responsive and dynamic

By ensuring that our program and enrolment mix are responsive, sustainable, and balanced.

Assure teaching excellence

By ensuring that we provide our faculty with the skills, knowledge, and tools to be the best.

Be a leader in applied research

By ensuring that we strengthen our capacity to engage in applied research through industry and academic partnerships.

We recognize that the environment of higher education is extremely dynamic and full of unforeseen opportunities and challenges. We will take advantage of these opportunities and mitigate those challenges in ways consistent with our culture.