BIOP's eLearning Minute

Look Before Your Leap Online: Earning Your College Degree Online

Welcome to BIOP’s e-Learning Minute, a series of short podcasts to help you plan and succeed with online learning.
I’m Dr. Ken Hartman, director of academic affairs here at BIOP eLeaning, and today we’ll start from square one to
help you decide whether getting a degree online is the right option for you at this time.

In a moment I’ll be joined by Kathleen McDonald, who decided to earn her degree online here at BIOP. I think you’ll find her insights and recommendations VERY helpful.

OK…let’s get started.

Online learning is an excellent alternative for those who want the convenience and flexibility that such a program
provides. But, let’s be honest, earning your degree online is not for everyone.

The truth is that taking a course online requires the same amount of time and effort as taking a course on campus…you just decide when to allocate the time and…well…you don’t have to find a place to park on campus.

Just listen to Kathleen McDonald, a working professional and one of BIOP’s online students, when I asked her
“What surprised you the most about learning on line, and what advice would you give to folks interested in starting
an online degree?

[audio transcript-here]

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. So, the key to earning your online degree is the desire, the basic academic skills, and the time. If you’re a good independent learner, very well organized, and very selfmotivated, you’ll do well in an online degree program.

That’s it for this segment of the e-Learning Minute. Thanks for sharing your time with me. In our next e-Learning Minute,
we’ll discuss how to evaluate and select the right online degree program.

It’s a subject you won’t want to miss.